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Specialty Answering Service has been in operation in the Chula Vista California CA area for over 30 years. Many different industries and businesses across Chula Vista have trusted us with their telephone calls including doctors, medical offices, psychiatrists, home health businesses, heating air conditioning businesses, contractors, cleaning restoration businesses, plumbers, Realtors©, apartments, funeral homes, elevator repair businesses, and e-commerce and online businesses. As a Chula Vista California answering service, we are committed to your business and managing your important telephone calls. When you work with us, your telephone calls will be answered promptly, courteously, and professionally, and you will always receive accurate messages.

Chula Vista Customer Testimonials: Your service is truly on top of the telephone answering business. Calls are getting handled immediately and our patients are impressed. On a scale of 1 to 10, every member of our practice, from the receptionists, would rate you an 11. Foster Group Family Medicine.

Chula Vista California Answering Service provides telephone answering service support to businesses in Chula Vista California and we strive to keep your customers happy. And, because we customize all of our answering service plans, we can adapt our service to fit in with how you run your business. If you choose to let our answering service answer your telephone calls, you be sure you are getting a necessary service as well as a business partner.

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Chula Vista California Quick Facts: Chula Vista is in southern San Diego County, California. It the second largest city in San Diego County. Chula Vista is home to OnStage Playhouse.

Do you really need a telephone answering service? The answer is yes. An answering service is an affordable way to have an around the clock receptionist staff without the headaches. When your customers call, whatever hour of the day, their calls will never be missed. An answering service is able to capture every lead and respond to your customers needs quickly. If you only answer your telephone calls during business hours, you are missing out on potential clients that are calling you early in the morning and after hours. The most important role of any telephone answering service is customer relationship management. With our Chula Vista California answering service, you will never miss a phone call, never miss a lead, and will always be available to respond to your customers needs. We are available to help you answer your customer requests without the cost of keeping your business open nights and weekends. And, because we are answering service professionals, your customers may never realize they reached an answering service. Your customers will believe that the telephone was answered by a staff member in your office, not at our service.

Answering Service Benefits: Imagine having a virtual employee that never goes home, never sleeps, and works for dollars a day. That is the essential benefit of an answering service and this is the core benefit of our Chula Vista California Answering Service. We are here as an after hours answering service, overflow call center, during lunch, or whenever you need us. We are professional, affordable, and we can help your Chula Vista California business grow.

About Chula Vista California Answering

We strive to provide your business with enthusiastic customer service and a superb telephone presentation of your business. Our goal is to provide professional and prompt service for all of our customers. Our commitment to your business is displayed through our up to date call center software, hardware, hiring practices, and customer oriented account supervisors and owners. We serve businesses from Chula Vista and worldwide. All of our employees are professional, skilled, and dedicated to long-term client relations and growing your business. Our client’s concerns are always paramount and this approach ensures the long term growth of your business.

Chula Vista California Answering Services Call Center Services:

  • Answering Service
  • Medical Answering Service
  • Virtual Assistant / Virtual Office
  • Order Taking / Order Processing
  • Event Registration
  • Inbound Telemarketing / Outbound Telemarketing
  • 800 Toll Free Services
  • Emergency Dispatch
  • Appointment Setting

Chula Vista California Industries We Offer Answering Service Support For:

  • Medical Offices
  • Heating Air Conditioning Businesses
  • Plumbers
  • Real Estate Offices
  • Lawyers Attorneys
  • Financial Businesses
  • Healthcare Businesses
  • Educational Facilities
  • Government Agencies
  • Funeral Homes

Chula Vista California Answering Service is a leading supplier of telephone answering service support for businesses throughout Chula Vista California. Whatever your industry is, we can help. Using an answering service is essential for any business to grow. An answering service offers a 24 hour employee at a fraction of the cost. If you have a business in Chula Vista California and are ready to grow your business, contact our Chula Vista California Answering Service.

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What Chula Vista Answering Offers: At our answering service, we are proud to offer your business standard features such as customized service, messages send promptly and accurately, messages confidentiality for HIPAA regulations, phones answered promptly, computerized system ensures accuracy, service 24 hours a day 365 days a week, urgent message dispatch, text messaging, cell phone messaging, alpha messaging, sms messaging, wake up services, order taking, customer service, help desk services, and more.

Answering Service Article Excerpt - The Answering Service And Internet Technology: Since the dawn of the answering service, every new technology was predicted to be the death of the industry. From the answering machine, to call forwarding, to voice mail. Each was predicted to bring the industry to it's knees. Yet, the impact has been quite the opposite. The same predictions of the fall of the mighty answering service industry have applied to internet technology. Yet, instead of becoming the beginning of the end of answering services it has opened a whole new world of opportunities. The internet is used in almost every facet of running an answering service.

It has changed the way that the industry communicates with it's clients, potential clients as well as the way that the service communicates amongst itself. The internet has opened a world of opportunities and expanded the variety of services that a call center can provide. The internet has also provided the answering service with a whole new revenue stream, while it has helped reduce major costs such as phone bills,long distance service and equipment costs.

The first way that the internet has changed the answering service industry is through sales. Companies are no longer relying on yellow page advertising to attract customers. Most businesses rely heavily on search engine and placement marketing to attract potential customers. Because of this, the potential customer is more technically savvy and the whole sales process changes, integrating email and interactive marketing tools to aid in the potential sale. Sites such as have replaced the outdated yellow pages as guides, but the internet in general has opened eyes as well as potential markets for answering service companies.

The internet has also replaced the need for expensive equipment and

software needed to provide upscale services, such as order taking and appointment setting. The need has been replaced by simple and inexpensive web site integration. Here the answering service can actually take orders, set appointments and provide information by being directly linked to the customers web site. Internet usage has actually increased the need for live customer service as opposed to diminishing it's usefulness.

Customer communication has changed dramatically as well. Answering service's have more options in reaching it's clients at a much reduced costs. Email messaging, text messaging and online posts are a by product of the answering service industry adapting and progressing with internet technology. The exciting aspect of this change is that the future of the industry is endless. As more and more people use the internet the scope and depth of the services offered will continue to change and develop, making this a most exciting time in the answering service industry.

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